Lego City

We were incredibly fortunate to work hand in hand with the team at Isobar Canada to create a series of interconnected shorts in the wonderfully unique style of the Lego Movie to launch the Lego City Master Creator Contest.

Our approach was simple: replicate the style and flare of the wildly successful Lego Movie, but suited for the campaign at hand. Our team helped script and board each of the sequences, followed by intensive art direction and asset creation to build highly accurate and functional characters and sets. Our animators mimicked the unique movement style established by the movie itself, and our brilliant technical artists built a fluid simulator MADE OF LEGO PARTS just because they are evil geniuses and it had to be done. The entire effort was wrapped up in a bow with careful editing, grading, and thorough audio work including original music. The end result was an enormously enjoyable short that lives seamlessly within the world of Lego.

Creative Director: Kai Exos, Steve DiLorenzo
Producer: Kate Dobruck, Matheson Murray
Writer: Chris Serrao

RUNE and MarteStudio:
Director: Paul Wollenzein
Producers: Nancy Nor, Christian Glenewinkel
Story Board: Fraeya Pinto, Janice Sung
Designs: Fraeya Pinto, Janice Sung
CG Supervisor: Hans Castro

ClientLego / Isobar CanadaServicesScript, Storyboard, Art Direction, Assets, Animation, Surfacing/Lighting, Post Production, AudioYear2016