Postcards from the Edge

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Mozilla and Jam3 to create cutting edge experiences for the launch of WebGL 2.0.

Unlike In Limbo, our collaborative project, our team worked almost independently with the production team at Jam3, to develop the look/feel and assets for a rich and detailed, futuristic city with an unusual flying companion. Users are invited to move about a platform and send their flying drone to different points in the city to explore. Moving in certain areas of the platform also shifted the city in a bizarre fashion.

The entire experience was developed using the Unity3D engine, and once again each of the assets was created with game development techniques to push the limit on visual appeal, yet optimized for playback through the Mozilla Firefox browser – a critical requirement of this experience. Key elements of this experience included the interplay of lighting in realtime, including dynamic lighting and reflections.

This experience and the sister experience, ‘In Limbo’, launched at the Mozilla booth at GDC 2016.

ClientMozilla / Jam3ServicesGame Design, Art Direction, Asset Creation, Play Testing / QAYear2016