Roll, jump, trick, swing, and glide through dynamic music driven environments in this formidable and challenging, physics-based racing game. RAD is simple to pick up, but incredibly difficult to master. Discover your own line, beat your own time, compete against your friends or try for a world record! Push yourself to make the trick, gap the jump, or ride the wall. Where the risk brings high reward, dare to take the lines less traveled.

RAD is a game designed and developed entirely within Rune, that pushes the boundaries on indie game development within the Unity3D game development engine. Our team has spent countless hours crafting a beautiful yet grueling gaming experience from the ground up, inspired largely by the world of skateboarding and trick riding, but pushed centuries into the future.

RAD is ready to rock the world on Kickstarter in 2018, with multiple playable levels ready to go and many more waiting in the wings!

ClientRune EntertainmentServicesGame Design, Art Direction, Unity Development, Asset Creation, Play Testing / QAYear2017Linkhttp://www.radgame.com