Take Back the Fear

Hail The Villain delves into the coarse and seedy heart of Metal City, an industrial steel town with a dark history. We follow Drake Carter, a rough blue collar worker unable to come to terms with his troubled youth. His life is on a downward spiral due to his self-destructive habits that will continue to crumble his already shaky marriage to his wife Amy.

Drake finds himself in an affair he could have avoided with Thea Landa. This sexy femme fatale seduces Drake at the steel plant where they both work. Thea is Drake’s female counterpart, growing up in a dysfunctional family, having no one but herself to count on. Buried behind her bedroom eyes are dangerous sparks of deceit and destruction that pulls Drake toward his demise. He should end it. He should walk away and go home to his wife and kids. Some things are worth dying for. Some things are not.

Metal City is made all the more malicious as a series of mass murders, suicides and suspicious deaths plagues the town into what is fast becoming the “Summer of Death.” the citizens of Metal City are left to make sense of the mysterious forces behind the growing evil.

ClientGain ServicesBoards, Art Direction, Assets, Animation, PostYear2014